However tight your budget, we have decades of experience to guideyou through any changes to your business. This is a flexible way to tap into our unique Design For Life analytical and strategic thinking and vast Knowledge Bank  perfect when you are between larger projects and still need some expert support to bolster your internal decision-making

Our expertise is sought after by government advisory groups and industry bodies to inform future policy, providing us with insight into the legislative landscape so we can help make sure that everything you decide to do today is future-proofed – leading the way at all times.

How it works

  • Unrestricted access via email/phone​
  • Response within 48 hours​
  • 5, 10 or 20 hour quarterly retainer packages​

What we do

  • Technical and impact FAQs and helpdesk
  • Industry event downloads
  • Perspective and recommendations on internally developed work

What's Achieved

  • Reassurance to help you make day-to-day or strategic decisions
  • Swift direction to focus time, resource or finance
  • Quick, easy access to key industry events delivered with independent perspective
  • Saves you time, money and stress helping you make difficult decisions