Each of our carefully considered services is created as a contained module that can be used either individually or alongside our other offers to shape a positive packaging future for your brand.

We tailor each package to you. We can work as your lead packaging consultancy to implement a complete overhaul or alongside your current agency or in house team to improve your ways of working, or even as a source of information and support when you need it most, whatever works for you…


Do you know the environmental impact of your packaging? Brands, their products, and their policies are under increasing levels of scrutiny and must evolve their packaging to guarantee relevance and competitiveness. Our Design-for-Life-based Analysis will tell you all you need to know about planning for the future.


Is it difficult for your business to think freely and innovate? Do you want to integrate the circular economy into your business? This unique offer service helps your brand find a better way of doing business by exploring how you can make the fundamental shift towards a more efficient, self-generating resource-use model.


Do you need a clear roadmap to help your brand use less and grow more? There is a big difference between doing something versus doing the right thing. All materials have technical, environmental and social impacts and brands need support to understand how to balance these priorities. We help clients be part of the solution, not part of the problem and help them gain credibility and confidence to talk to their customers about what they are doing with their packaging and why.


Do you need the best environmental packaging expert on hand for advice? Many clients have small teams that need an injection of high-level expertise at an affordable ​regular fee and we have an industry-leading Knowledge Bank and Network at our disposal. If you’re not quite ready to ​commit to a bigger piece of strategic work or have a team that need coaching on the complexities of sustainable packaging this flexible support option is for you.


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