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Our Services

  • Are you unprepared for the tsunami of packaging regulation and reporting changes?

  • Are you losing competitive advantage?

  • Does your packaging carry reputational risk?

The sustainability and packaging landscape is changing, fast and it’s becoming more difficult to lead.

We shape the future of packaging through advocacy, thought leadership, and collaboration with producers and policymakers 

Most clients follow the journeys below.

Small to medium business

Initial project – Usually Root Impact Analysis or Packaging Audit to identify vulnerabilities or impact or Root Perspective

Retainer with a single service or mix of support, i.e. Advisory + Regulatory, Packaging Strategy + Regulatory

Large business

Initial project –Root Impact Analysis to decide between problem packs or Root Packaging Strategy because they know they need a plan. Packaging producers usually start with Sustainability Strategy

Retainer with Advisory or Regulatory or a blend of Advisory + Regulatory


Root Advisory

Root is trusted by responsible leaders to hold them accountable to the highest sustainability standards and ensure they stay on track to meet or exceed their public commitments.

Root Strategy

Root delivers pioneering Packaging Strategies which define a north star for stakeholders, clear goals to report against and boundaries to innovate within. Our work ensures you are policy prepared and reduces reputational risk.

Root Regulatory

Root Regulatory services, deliver regular, tailored reports that identify vital policy changes impacting your business. The reports gives internal teams reassurance that they have full visibility of future risks and time to take action.

Root Impact

Root Impact services provide the full spectrum of packaging improvement from audit to strategy.They are for clients who need to move beyond the limitations of LCA and gain a comprehensive understanding of the risks and impacts.