Are you struggling to stay on top of an unrelenting barrage of fast-moving developments, shifting policies and crucial updates about sustainability and packaging?

If so, you’re not alone.  Many of our clients tell us they are finding it difficult to cope with the increasing workload and level of scrutiny required but feel they can’t stop – just in case they miss something vital.

The Knowledge Bank reports are a succinct, easily digestible quarterly review, of everything you need to know with regards to sustainability and packaging. You can relax, knowing you’ve got it covered.

Essential insights for

  • Packaging Managers
  • Sustainability Managers
  • FMCG sector
  • Packaging producers
  • Procurement Teams

What you get

  • Easy to read quarterly summary of everything you need to know
  • Rich bed of European-focused insights from key events and industry reports 
  • Overview of upcoming key policies and changes to watch out for 
  • Hyperlinks to materials, suppliers, and additional reads
  • The Root Perspective – from our experts
  • 3 crucial actions for your business 

What we do

  • Attend crucial events covering packaging policy, recycling, manufacturing, and innovation.
  • Review key policy updates
  • Pull out the key learnings for brands and packaging producers

Just £2,000 per year

for 4 x Knowledge Bank quarterly insight reports
Invoiced quarterly (£500 per quarter)

Our experts help you stay at the forefront of sustainability and packaging challenges

Our team of experts attend the most relevant sustainability, packaging, and resource management events. We assess and monitor essential sector updates, so you don’t have to. We have access to a deep data bank of information, a unique ‘Root’ resource that helps to shape and inform our understanding of this complex sector.

We continually invest each year to stay up to date with innovations throughout the lifecycle of packaging, from design and manufacturing through to recycling technologies and what is going on with reuse. We review Government strategies and regulatory policy specific to packaging to ensure you have the very latest information.

We ensure our team are at the forefront of sustainable thinking by sending them to relevant site visits training and research trips to get to the root of the subjects crucial to the future success of your business.

The content is wrapped up in our signature ‘Root Perspective’, adding context and insights from our highly regarded team of sustainability smart thinkers. The report concludes with three key actions for your business, to move you one step closer to a responsible future.

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