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Sustainable Packaging Strategy – What’s your Approach?

Since starting Root in 2013, the packaging consultancy has truly become the trusted advisor for sustainable packaging. Our expert team, thought leadership, and unique Design for Life methodology sets us apart, especially in our Packaging Strategy.

Geopolitical factors and increasing pressures from competitors, regulators, and the public are forcing many brands and packaging producers to think differently about how to reduce the impact of their packaging.

We see two main approaches to sustainable packaging from brands and packaging producers:

1.    Savvy Strategic Investors

• Have a clear sustainability strategy and ambitious goals
• Understands and actively mitigates commercial, reputational, and regulatory risk
• Makes long term investment decisions
• Engages stakeholders
• Serves customers with the highest standards
• Weathers the storm and stands firm against retailer or customer demands, safe in the knowledge they are using the right packaging or offering solutions that will lower impact

Their Approach: A Packaging Strategy that maps out a clear vision with considered priorities and achievable goals along a 5-10year roadmap.

2.    Short Term Storm Chasers

• No leadership on sustainability from the board
• No sustainability strategy or goals
• Ignores or is unaware of commercial, reputational, and regulatory risk
• Makes short term decisions based on silos of expertise, (i.e. data, refill and reuse, carbon, materials)
• Chases short term sales and loves the limelight from clever marketing
• Have a compliance-centred approach to investment
• Reacts to customer or consumer demands

Their Solution: Excessive investment in material swaps and reactive cycles to consumer demands, measuring short term success and focusing on goals reacting to end of life / recyclability.

What’s Your Approach?


It’s vital to have a holistic approach to packaging that delivers on and supports your brand values and sustainability ambition, rather than moving you away from them. Individual tactics to address recyclability, compliance, or packaging innovation will not protect your business or drive sustainable growth. A holistic, strategic plan can not only define your north star but also help you understand how to avoid greenwashing.

80% of a products’ impact is defined at the design stage. It is crucial that design thinking is incorporated into your strategy so you can get it right from the start

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If you are working toward being a strategic savvy investor and want to know how Root’s expert team of sustainable packaging consultants can help you reduce packaging risk and impact book a call with Tracy below.