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Root and Ginsters collaborate on community impact recycling project

Root's founder, Tracy Sutton, joined the sustainability team at Ginsters (part of the Samworth Brothers Group), one of Root’s clients, to deliver a community impact project as part of the Ginsters’ commitment to sustainability and supporting the local community.

Together, they helped children from Plymouth, Devon, and Cornwall understand how to live more sustainable lifestyles. The Root team organised a series of group workshops, designed to drive home the importance of recycling the kinds of typical items the children encounter every day.

The workshops were part of Project 35, an initiative founded by Plymouth Argyle Football Club, Argyle Community Trust and Ginsters, focused on reducing poverty and creating a positive impact in the community in the South West.

A shared passion for impact

Root and Ginsters share a common passion for helping young people learn by fostering their interest in protecting the environment. Together they created an engaging series of workshops that combined Ginsters’ sustainability commitment with Tracy’s vision. The aim was to show children that sustainability goes way beyond recycling, and can be a vehicle to drive a much bigger positive impact on people and the planet.

Emma Stowers, Ginsters’ Marketing Director, said “We were delighted to partner with Root to deliver these important workshops for local children. It’s so rewarding to help educate and inspire young people and engage them with recycling and the impact it has on the planet. Project 35 has provided so many brilliant opportunities to connect with and support our local community with initiatives such as this, providing an even broader scope for the project.”

Empowering through fun and collaboration

Guided by Tracy Sutton, the team from Ginsters and Argyle Community Trust hosted the workshops in a playground full of excited children. The children explored what ‘sustainability’ means, and learnt which packaging was recyclable and what would otherwise be sent to landfill.

These sessions were far from typical classroom lessons; Tracy said, “This was true hands-on learning, and it was fantastic to see how the children were tuned in to the newer themes of deforestation and biodiversity.”

The children enthusiastically participated in sorting competitions, racing against each other to separate recyclable items from non-recyclables. They were encouraged to ask questions and think critically about what they can do to make a difference. As well as enjoying the challenge, the children gained an understanding of how their choices can impact the planet.

Alice Young from Argyle Community Trust says, “We were delighted to welcome Root to deliver the workshops as part of the Project 35 Festival Day. Argyle Community Trust recognises the importance of educating young people about recycling and sustainability.

“Workshops like this are so important to the learning of young people as it enables them to respect and appreciate their environment, promotes a sense of responsibility and encourages them actively think about social change.”

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Making a lasting positive impact

Tracy continues, “The true heroes of these workshops were the children themselves. Our hope is that we’ve now awakened their environmental consciousness, and given them the practical skills and knowledge they need to become more sustainable in their day to day lives.”

How can Root help?

Clients who work with us love how we help shift their mindset about packaging. A Root Packaging Strategy is renowned for its holistic approach. It helps clients realise their business sustainability commitments by weaving people and the planet into a tangible action plan. This collaboration between industry and community is a great example of how brands can have a positive social and environmental impact through packaging.

If you would like to discuss the challenges facing your business, schedule a call with a Root sustainability experts who can advise you on the steps you need to take.