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Getting to the Root with Mintel

We take a look at why robust sustainability research and industry insights are critical for packaging success in 2023.

Earlier this year, here at Root, we proudly launched subscriber access to our Knowledge Bank, delivering industry leading, quarterly reports dedicated solely to sustainable packaging.


The reports contain comprehensive expert analysis of European trends, key events, innovations and policies impacting global producers and brands. Our team brings 60 years of expertise in recycling, policy, packaging and sustainability and translates this into succinct, actionable reports, saving subscribers hundreds of hours in time and resource.

Featuring Mintel's Sustainability Barometer 2022 ​

In our recent Q3 report we featured the Sustainability Barometer from one of our recommended research partners, Mintel. This essential report features trended data and insights on consumer sustainability attitudes, priorities and behaviours across 16 global markets.

The Barometer aims to help retailers, packaging producers and brands ensure their ‘responsible products’ resonate with their customers, helping to mitigate risk as well as futureproofing their businesses. The research is crucial reading for any brand that wants to learn where and how to educate consumers,  embedding sustainability and integrity into their Packaging Strategy rather than being caught up in the reactivity of material swaps and sector standards.

Mintel and Root can add trusted independent insight and perspective to your business to ensure you achieve your sustainability goals

What We Learnt

  1. Climate change, air pollution and plastic pollution are priority issues, but resource shortages are the fastest-growing concern
  2. Citizens are presently more focused on end-of-life than stages earlier in the lifecycle, i.e. sourcing
  3. Three-quarters of consumers do not understand the fundamental facts surrounding the relative recyclability and impacts of different virgin and reclaimed materials.
  4. Information on impact-per-product and clear visual labelling on environmental scores were the top two factors that would encourage people to buy a ‘sustainable’ product

The Knowledge Bank

Root’s Q4 Knowledge Bank report will include our Perspective round-up of 2022 and outline projections for 2023, including three actions your business should take to make the biggest impact.

Collaboration is key to unlocking faster progress. Mintel and Root add trusted independent insight and perspective to your business to ensure you achieve your sustainability goals.