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Reducing compliance risk by ensuring your business is policy-prepared

The majority of businesses are unprepared for major upcoming packaging policy changes. For example, one week before UK Plastic Packaging Tax went live, 77% of impacted businesses were not aware of the impacts on their operations.

Commercial risk for non-compliance includes fines of up to 5% of global turnover, confiscation of all profits from non-compliant goods and services, and bans on trading in markets. Other financial impacts include losses from investing in or implementing solutions that are not policy-proof and regionally nuanced and lost sales won by competitors being more progressive.
The reputational risk for a business that falls foul of regulation is hard to recover.
Root Regulatory services deliver regular, tailored reports that identify vital policy changes impacting your business. This gives internal teams the reassurance that they have full visibility of future risks, giving them time to take action.

What we do

We are not lawyers or compliance partners. We complement and add value to your existing internal teams with the specialist packaging expertise required to future-proof your business against regulatory packaging change.

  • We complement the data collection and reporting services delivered by your compliance partner
  • We elevate the knowledge within your internal legal team
  • We support sustainability, operational, packaging and marketing teams
  • We gather insights across regional and national markets
  • We turn the regulatory landscape into a tangible action plan

Why choose Root?

  • We save time you time: On average, 1 hour of a Root expert’s time saves 4 hours for your internal team
  • We are packaging specialists: We have 65+ years of packaging sustainability and regulation experience
  • We have satisfied clients: 75% of our business is from returning clients – that’s because we provide them with the knowledge and excellent support they need to protect their business

What you get

Following a demo walk-through with one of our Root experts you can select the outputs you need from the below or if you need a specific piece of support, let us know.

1. Policy Preparedness Report

Quarterly, bi-annual or annual reports to crystallise where, why and how you need to act – most clients have these quarterly:

  • Summary of new and updated regulations by market or region
  • Risk map to help you identify where to focus resource, fast
  • Overarching impacts on your business, packaging and customers
  • Details of any packaging or process changes required

2. Focused Impact Report

Expert, board-facing report to help you mitigate risk against key regional or local market policy:

  • Risk evaluation, impacts on infrastructure, R&D, packaging and customers
  • Recommendations for investment and divestment
  • A simple, tangible roadmap to mitigate risk in response to different policy scenarios

3. Add Ons

Policy-specific guides designed to inform and catalyse key organisational teams:

  • High-level Activation Plan
  • Detailed Implementation and FAQ guides

Complementary services

Most clients supplement their annual package with one or more of the complementary products and services below:

  • Design + procurement guidelines
  • On-pack recycling labelling guidelines
  • Definitions for key phrases aligned to cross-regional regulation
  • Marketing + comms support for policy-proof green claims
  • Root Q&A calls or working sessions
  • Waste industry reports

Clients we have supported

A Global Foodservice Business
  • Protected from over €5million of risk by identifying critical regulation across 20 markets
  • Identified where they were not meeting reporting requirements and helped them put in place processes to comply
  • Supported legal and operations teams to become policy-prepared and created long-term strategies for high-risk areas
A Global Coffee Brand
  • Helped the leadership team understand business impacts of anticipated policy change which threatened 80% of their sales and growth strategy
  • Monitored granular details of policy development across 3 key themes and outlined anticipated NPD, commercial and operational impacts
  • Delivered a board-ready presentation to present policy outcome scenarios alongside critical impacts on investment across key timelines to help them prepare
A Global Jewellery Brand
  • Audited key packaging items to highlight global regulatory risk
  • Provided clear packaging redesign guidance to ensure future packaging is policy proof
  • We now provide regular reports and Ask Root support to ensure the board are kept informed of key policy impacts and team know when and where to act

Our Clients

We pride ourselves on being chosen to support some of the world's biggest brands, many of whom have the highest sustainability standards.

After delivering a project we send a client feedback survey to clients 3 months after delivery to find out how much impact we have had and what we can do even better next time. Our current score is 9.6 out of 10, something we are very proud of.

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