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Root Perspective

Our expert 360° summary defines what changes you to make today to drive impact for your business tomorrow and in the future

Many clients need an injection of high-level expertise to understand the current state of play from a consultancy that are experts in sustainability, packaging and design thinking.

They want a SWOT analysis on all things related to sustainable packaging and to understand their needs as a business today and in the future.

We know where and how global packaging projects go wrong and what strategies, people and processes needs to be in place for those wanting to lead the way in their category.

Our expertise is sought after by government advisory groups and industry bodies to inform future policy, providing us with insight into the legislative landscape so we can help make sure that everything you decide to do today is future-proofed – leading the way at all times.

Our technical team have more than 80 years of experience delivering projects across the full packaging lifecycle. We have worked within, and with a plethora of international producers across multiple FMCG sectors.

We have a strong design background and have developed a wide variety of new packaging solutions with global brands from concept, right through to shelf.

We know where and how global packaging projects go wrong and what strategies, people and processes needs to be in place for those wanting to lead the way in their category.

This initial step in the journey is perfect if you are between larger projects and need some expert support to bolster your internal decision-making.

Who needs a Root Perspective?

  • you are not yet ready to commit to a Packaging Strategy
  • you are new to a business and want to know what your packaging priorities should be to mitigate risk and drive progress

Examples of what we cover

  • Sounding board support for technical and sustainability questions
  • Critical analysis of packaging specifications for trials
  • Perspective on policy or strategic plans prior to significant investments
  • Identification of crucial current and future policy
  • Review of internally developed design and or procurement guidelines
  • Eco-design guidance specific to EPR
  • Supplier performance analysis
  • Help to develop policy-proof green claims
  • Impact Analysis on key packs / portfolio to help identify crucial impacts to measure and report on
  • Creation of content for investor or retailer decks
  • Independent expert review of dashboard reports
  • Signposting to implementation partners
  • Critical analysis of packaging components within a sustainability strategy
  • Review to identify reputational and commercial risk

What you get

  • Data request to gather key info
  • 1 x Kick off call or on site visit
  • Delivery call 60-90mins
  • 1 x Perspective Report and Action Plan to define prioritised workstreams

What’s achieved

  • Reassurance to help you make day-to-day or longer term strategic decisions
  • Swift direction to focus time, resource or finance
  • Saving of time, money and stress

Root Perspective


4-8 weeks


Start at £5,000 + VAT

What we need from you:

Time to collate and share samples and info for the Data Request
Availability with 3-5 key team members for 45min interviews

Our Clients

We pride ourselves on being chosen to support some of the world's biggest brands, many of whom have the highest sustainability standards.

After delivering a project we send a client feedback survey to clients 3 months after delivery to find out how much impact we have had and what we can do even better next time. Our current score is 9.6 out of 10, something we are very proud of.

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