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Root Impact Analysis

Our three-tiered approach helps you get to grips with the impact your packaging on people and planet

We know it’s not a one-size fits all approach. Measuring carbon alone misses other crucial factors, while a full life cycle analysis can be time consuming, overwhelming and overly complex. We have developed three levels of analysis and can use our expertise to advise the level of interrogation that is appropriate for the scale of your business, your brand and your budget.

Traditional Life Cycle Analysis is an excellent tool but it has limitations; its assessment metrics only provide part of the big picture. Our Design for Life approach uses science-based impacts at its core and then builds in a holistic layer focusing on the impacts of your packaging on people as well as planet. It also makes the crucial differentiation that LCA misses – the difference between in-theory versus in-practice.

Design for Life is a science-based, lifecycle methodology that brings together design thinking and the most up-to-date industry and academic research from our Knowledge Bank. We have developed a set of holistic analysis tools, which have been given the seal of approval by many global brands.

Our team implements the Design for Life Analysis tools on your packaging to delve deeply into the full process. From here, we will fully understand the impact it has and tackle the best way to get your product to the customer using fewer resources and with a proven lower impact.

What we do

  • We identify 3 essential metrics your business should be using. Best for initial packaging investigations and for larger ranges where keeping costs down is key.
  • We incorporate LCA alongside our own tools for a complete metrics system that delivers a thorough in-depth analysis. Best for large corporations with complex packaging systems.
  • We define 8 core metrics that will drive change for your business. Less complex and less expensive than a full LCA it can be an effective way to make strong strategic decisions on a budget.
  • Competitor benchmarking to evaluate packaging in its market context and create a summary report that identifies key challenges, priorities and recommendations for improvements

What you get

  • Data request + supplier calls to gather key info
  • 1 x Delivery call 60-90mins
  • 1 x Impact Analysis Essentials, Core or Metrics report

What's achieved

  • An actionable plan broken down into priorities for set timeframes
  • Clear recommendations to remove, redesign or refine
  • Objective, accurate and clear perspective on the proposition in relation to competitors.
  • Clarity on recyclability specific to key markets.

Root Impact Analysis


3-12 months depending on the product you choose


Start at £15,000 + VAT and are driven by markets and the size of your portfolio

What we need from you:

Time to collate and share info for the Data Request
Engagement with 6-8 cross-functional key team members to prep, attend and co-create the strategy

Optional extras:

Include our Clean Comms Framework, Design Guidelines, Decision Trees and Impact Analysis

Our Clients

We pride ourselves on being chosen to support some of the world's biggest brands, many of whom have the highest sustainability standards.

After delivering a project we send a client feedback survey to clients 3 months after delivery to find out how much impact we have had and what we can do even better next time. Our current score is 9.6 out of 10, something we are very proud of.

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