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Root Impact Analysis

Our three-tiered approach helps you get to grips with the impact of your packaging on people and the planet

Root has developed a unique three-level approach to measure the impact your packaging is having on people and our planet. Our experts will advise on the level of interrogation appropriate for the scale of your business, your brand and budget.

Traditional Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is an excellent tool, but it has its limitations. Many brands come to us with the results of an LCA because the analysis, in itself, does not give them the actionable next steps or direction they need.

An LCA is a time-consuming, costly and often overwhelming process to go through. As a result, many businesses are limiting the scope to measure just their carbon footprint. While this might meet certain reporting needs, it misses a number of vital social and environmental considerations that need to be taken into account to mitigate commercial, policy and reputational risk.

Used by global brands to make quick decisions and drive worldwide strategy, Root’s holistic tools apply a science-based lifecycle methodology, focusing on the actual impacts your packaging is having on people and planet.

Our team applies our Design for Life approach to analyse the full lifecycle of your packaging to gain a complete understanding of the impact. We evaluate what happens in practice by using a recyclability assessment, which helps you understand where your packaging is really ending up. Crucially, we make clear recommendations to help you make decisions to get your product to your customers with a demonstrably lower impact.

What we do

We recognise that a one-size fits all approach doesn’t work. Every business is different in terms of size, impact and budget. Our experts help you decide which of our three ‘Impact Analysis’ levels is best suited to your organisation:

Level 1: Impact Analysis Essentials

  • Best for early-stage concepts where data is thin on the ground, analysing large ranges cost-effectively or when time is of the essence
  • We define three essential metrics aligned to global goals, your brand and business
  • Used by global FMCGs alongside other levels of analysis to identify hotspots and easy wins.han a full LCA it can be an effective way to make strong strategic decisions on a budget

Level 2: Impact Analysis Core

  • Best for clients who are not ready for or don’t need a full LCA but require clarity on the impacts of their packaging to make key strategic decisions
  • We define three core metrics and nine sub-metrics to identify key impacts and deliver insights across environmental and social impacts
  • More cost-effective and less complex than a full LCA
  • Tried and tested by top FMCG brands who have used the outputs to drive global strategy

Level 3: Impact Analysis Metrics

  • Best suited to multi-national businesses looking to make strategic decisions towards science-based targets and is suitable for non-competitive marketing claims
  • Our most popular Impact Analysis service
  • Growing pressure from customers and policies increases the requirement for brands to report on scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon
  • Incorporating a full LCA aligned to ISO 14040 alongside our three core metrics and nine sub-metrics

What you get

  • Full recyclability assessment in priority markets
  • Competitor benchmarking exercise
  • Evaluation of reputational and policy risk
  • League table to show performance across your range and/or a competitor set
  • Actionable report with clear recommendations to remove, redesign or refine

What's achieved

  • Identification of reputational and policy risk
  • Understanding of the key people and planet factors you need to be aware of
  • Clarity on the recycling journey of your packaging to help with your future internal or external communications
  • Objective, accurate and clear perspective analysis in relation to your competitors

Root Impact Analysis


4-12weeks depending on the product you choose


Start at £3,000 + VAT and are driven by the number of specifications and level of analysis you need

What we need from you:

Time to collate and share info for the Data Request
Engagement with 6-8 cross-functional key team members to prep, attend and co-create the strategy

Optional extras:

Time to collate and share samples and info for the Data Request

Our Clients

We pride ourselves on being chosen to support some of the world's biggest brands, many of whom have the highest sustainability standards.

After delivering a project we send a client feedback survey to clients 3 months after delivery to find out how much impact we have had and what we can do even better next time. Our current score is 9.6 out of 10, something we are very proud of.

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