Founder and lead expert, Tracy Sutton, set-up Root in 2013 to help organisations use less and focus on becoming regenerative, inclusive and kinder to people and our planet.

As well as leading the core Root Team, she oversees a diverse and indispensible collection of specialists who she has handpicked over the years to be part of the wider Root Network. On each project, Tracy brings together the perfect team, selecting each member for their relevant knowledge and brand fit, delivering senior expertise in a cost effective way for ultimate impact.

A regular speaker at international conferences and a respected commentator in the national and trade media, Tracy is a high-profile industry expert at the forefront of innovative and sustainable packaging design with twenty years of hands-on knowledge.

Tracy has been Guest Lecturer at a number of high performing institutions. She works every year with Falmouth University delivering 3-day workshops on the BA (Hons) Sustainable Product Design course.

She has delivered collaborative projects with brands including Method and Logitech looking at responsible and inclusive product delivery systems.

She continues to support young creatives in a mentoring role each year.