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tracy sutton, future focused packaging innovation and brand sustainability consultant

Root works with established and entrepreneurial brands to introduce innovation at every stage of the packaging life cycle to deliver improved performance, increased profitability and enhanced sustainability credentials.

Driven by technical developments, market trends and holistic design thinking, Root helps clients meet the growing consumer desire for innovative and future-proofed packaging solutions that create desirable, ethical and profitable results.


Packaging Design Support

Root helps brand owners and designers transform concepts into reality. From defining the best packaging format and material and helping you to find the right manufacturers and printers. Root directs technical artwork and production proofing, managing the whole process, so you can be confident that your concept will look as good on shelf as it does on screen.

Packaging Innovation Projects

Root helps brand owners and designers integrate innovation into their packaging solutions by exploring new technologies and revealing more sustainable ways for your brand to behave. From the factory floor to the packaging material and print. Root’s strategic approach looks to increase your profits while adding real value throughout the packaging supply chain.

Startup Packaging Support

Root helps startup brands get to grips with packaging and print by demystifying different formats to defining the right materials. Root creates technical packaging and print specifications so you can get the best prices and find the right suppliers to suit your needs. Completing the journey by overseeing the proofing or the first production of your new packaging.

Packaging Strategy

Root helps established brands to gain perspective and get the most out of their packaging. From analysing current pack formats and materials to optimising local or global packing processes. Root can join your advisory board and provide insights for future landscaping to give you a re-energise outlook on how your packaging can add value to your brand.


tracy sutton, founder of root

Tracy is a packaging design and brand sustainability consultant. A highly motivated and dedicated person, she has over 14 years experience working in the packaging and creative industries.

Tracy has been on the Sustainability Advisory Board for a number of global brands and has written articles for publications including The Guardian and Packaging News. She is also a visiting lecturer at some of the UK’s top design agencies and academic institutions.

Tracy founded Root to help thoughtful brands take advantage of the proven business benefits of sustainable design thinking. With a degree in 3D Design for Sustainability and extensive experience in the packaging industry as a technologist, engineer and technical project director, she has seen first hand how innovation can reap both environmental and economic rewards.

At Root, Tracy works with established and global clients on strategic, sustainable and innovation projects to help clients gain perspective and get the most out of their packaging. From analysing current pack formats and materials to optimising local or global packing processes. She provides packaging insights and future landscaping to give you a re-energised outlook on how your packaging can add real value to your brand.

Member of the CIWM


Member of the AIPIA


Fellow of the RSA


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