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Getting to the Root of reuse and Refill report '23

How to Introduce returnable or refillable packaging into your business

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This year’s edition moves the conversation on reuse and refill forward following a busy year across policy and pilots. It summarises new insights to save you time and provides actionable steps to help you focus fast.

Policymakers worldwide are recognising the potential of reusable packaging solutions to reduce problematic single-use packaging and reduce the pressure on resource consumption. As a result, reuse regulations are being implemented across every continent. Brands that fail to take action could face significant commercial and reputational risk

Root’s team of policy experts have reviewed and synthesised over 50 sources, including reports from respected NGOs, international policymakers, consultancies, industry leaders, and lobbyists. They’ve applied our famous Root Perspective to simplify this complex topic into 5 key themes with tangible actions brands and producers can take.


What’s in the report?

  • The global policy landscape
  • Increasing engagement
  • Systems and solutions
  • Rolling out reuse across multiple markets
  • Developing your reuse roadmap

Who will find it useful?

  • Producers and manufacturers
  • Product managers 
  • Brand managers
  • Sustainability managers
  • Packaging producers