We are driven by the urgency for change.
We reduce the impact of every product we work on by helping producers deliver the most responsible packaging solutions possible.
Root supports the world’s most prolific producers of goods and packaging to become fit for a regenerative future.
We are actively working towards a world where all organisations use less and are regenerative, inclusive and kind to people and planet.

We use decades of technical, environmental and creative expertise to deliver industry-leading analysis, strategy and consultancy. This is driven by our Design for Life methodology and informed by our unique data store  – Root Knowledge Bank.

We work in partnership with your team to create low-impact circular packaging solutions and blueprints for business sustainability. Sustainable packaging isn’t a box ticking exercise. It is integral to your brand’s future. It is integral to the planet’s future survival. We are independent which means we will objectively critique all aspects of the packaging cycle. From legislation to implementation, we pride ourselves on providing clear, workable and immediate actions.

Design For Life is our unique and highly-regarded science-based methodology for measuring the holistic impact of packaging on the planet and its people. It drives every single analysis and strategy project we deliver.
We go above and beyond Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) using our own carefully designed analytics to assess real-world impact across people and planet. Our core team and network of experts draw on our vast Knowledge Bank of technical, environmental and creative data as well as their own cutting-edge expertise in their fields to evaluate and create robust reports and practical working strategies.
Built up over decades, our data bank is a unique resource that we continually tap into and draw on when needed. When we work with you, we grant you access to this vast collection of information and evaluation.
We invest 25% of our time each year to stay up to date with innovations throughout the lifecycle of packaging. From design and manufacturing through to collection and reuse or recycling. Every year we attend the most relevant events worldwide specific to sustainability, packaging and resource management. We send our enthusiastic, expert team to relevant site visits, training and research trips to get to the root of subjects including zero waste and waste management in developing countries to ensure we are always at the forefront.
  • “Tracy helped us navigate a complex issue with new insight and clarity. She combines technical expertise with deep sustainability know-how, and is fantastic to work with.”

    Vicky Murray
    Vicky Murray Sustainability Manager, Pukka Herbs
  • “Tracy was absolutely key in helping us channel our ideas for a new packaging concept into viable options. It was a pleasure to work with someone who is clearly an expert in their field.”

    Kate Sayers
    Kate Sayers Head of Product Development, English Provender Company
  • “Having Tracy involved made us think in a different way about packaging and encouraged us to focus on it as a leading part of the development process.”

    Kate D'Arcy
    Kate D'Arcy Senior Purchaser, Castle Maclellan
  • Tracy has a great empathy for brands and their subtleties. She was instrumental in translating our brand values into a clear packaging strategy. Her simple and focused approach drilled down into our USPs to craft a set of guidelines that we are using to drive the design and production of all physical brand touch points.

    Riz Smith
    Riz Smith Designer and Co-Founder, Riz Boardshorts
  • “Many of the projects I have worked on with Tracy have involved the development of bespoke structures, materials and finishes. Tracy has a willingness to realize the designer’s ambition, without compromise. Her calmness and integrity are refreshing traits within our industry.”

    Kate Shaw
    Kate Shaw Design and Creative Consultant
  • “Tracy met a challenging brief that required a high-quality design aesthetic, robust ethics and a pragmatic approach to the budget. Her extensive experience of packaging development makes her an invaluable asset to any team that is looking to build long term packaging solutions.”

    Sarah Greenaway
    Sarah Greenaway Founder of Mosami

We are driven by the urgency for change.

We reduce the impact of every product we work on by helping producers deliver the most responsible packaging solutions possible.

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