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Sustainability shouldn’t be an afterthought. Ambitious businesses understand that future-focused thinking can deliver a real competitive advantage. That is why sustainability is embedded within root’s business strategy, services and design principles.

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Brand purpose

I chose to work with brands and designers because I love the buzz of creative industries and I enjoy being part of the process of creating and growing brands. Design is a powerful tool that when applied effectively can solve some of today’s complex challenges and by translating sustainability principles into a design brief many innovative and exciting outcomes can be revealed.

While governments remain latent in legislating within the sustainable design and packaging industry, brands are at the forefront of this mission. Whether driven by financial savings, increased sales or environmental factors, local and global brands are prioritising sustainability. M&S, Unilever and Stella McCartney are amongst a growing number of brands who understand that to sustain themselves in business and meet the needs of todays’ demanding consumers they must improve the environmental credentials of both business and product.

Root Creative Sustainability

Approach – creative sustainability

Creative Sustainability is the unique methodology that I created. It combines the power of effective branding with the principles and economics of sustainable design. Sustainability need not be an afterthought. Ambitious brands understand that future-focused thinking can deliver real competitive advantage – from a more compelling brand story and enhanced consumer loyalty to more streamlined processes and greater efficiency.

This holistic approach considers packaging trends, manufacturing technologies, materials innovation and decoration techniques alongside the realities of life cycle and supply chain to create a better future for your brand.

Root Educate

Root’s business strategy: engage, inspire, educate

My business model and activities aim to deliver long-term value to stakeholders. I believe that a solid platform of education is essential to ensure that the creative and business benefits of sustainability are fully understood and taken advantage of. That is why I’ve committed to spend a portion of my time working with students at schools and universities to help them enjoy a fresh approach to thinking about the environment.

I am a fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, (RSA) an organisation whose ideas, research and 27,000 strong fellows seek to harness the extraordinary amount of untapped creative potential in society. They do this by empowering people to be active participants in creating a better world. You can read more about the inspiring work they do here: ​

Root Simplify

Design strategy: minimise, simplify, clarify

I understand that minimising right from the outset creates less impact throughout the supply chain. If less material is used for packaging at the beginning of the chain then less needs to be collected, transported and recycled. The key benefit here is that less material will cost less too.

My simple design approach avoids overcomplicating things; adhesives, multiple materials and composite materials can often be avoided when a balanced creative solution to packaging design is achieved.

At root, I work with brands and designers to create a clear and simple message for consumers to help them know how to recycle or reuse their packaging at the end of it’s life.

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