New brand Snact wanted to explore new innovative and sustainable packaging that was suitable for their growing fruit jerky product and also understand how their brand could be represented in a bespoke branded POS fixture.

Sustainability means everything to Snact and the brief was tight; how can we minimise the impact of our current flexible packaging to reflect our brand values? I researched known and new raw material suppliers, laminate converters and machinery manufacturers to outline new materials that were technically suitable for the product and shared material specifications for future trials.

The second part of the brief was to apply blue sky thinking to identify and develop innovative pack formats that could be considered in 18 months – 3 years time. Applying technical knowledge and environmental design strategies, the concepts were developed and prototyped to help to visualise the ideas. Initial technical packaging format and material specs were shared along with costings that helped outline the essential information Snact needed to consider alternative options they could develop in the future.

The final piece of work explored ways to express the brand through the structural design of point of sale display concepts for the retail environment. Shared in a combination of sketches, visuals and images we outlined some strong 3D branding concepts for Snact to consider.

(Pack visual image credit: Snact)

Michael Minch-Dixon,

Co-Founder of Snact

“Snact worked with Root on a project that required a strong background in packaging design, technical material knowledge and environmental design strategies. Tracy’s sustainable design and packaging technology background made her the perfect candidate for Snact to work with as we wanted someone who really understood the real business drivers for our brand.

We were impressed with her in-depth understanding of a number of sustainability principles including circular economy and life cycle analysis – this is combined with a real ability to think about a brand in 3D. She worked well to compliment and support internal expertise and helped us to understand what packaging opportunities exist for us in the future.”

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