Mosami: A pioneer’s journey to find sustainable packaging

An interview with the founder, Sarah Greenaway

Can you share the story of Mosami and explain what makes it different to other jewellery brands?

As a concept born in the environmental, political and corporate context of 2015, Mosami’s business blueprint considers ethics and profitability to be of equal importance. The business model has been engineered to enable supply chain equity and a positive social impact in addition to offering a highly relevant and compelling product. The business is structured to be inherently lean, using a simple online distribution strategy to minimise retail supply chain.  This improves both cost & carbon efficiency. Pieces are made from ethically sourced silver aligned with our sourcing policy, and are independently endorsed where certification exists. We work with marginalised women in developing economies and support them to develop skills which will enable them to support themselves and their families. Mosami’s collection is designed first and foremost with contemporary and wearable style in mind.  Beautiful pieces that will remain a favourite for years to come. Our customers don’t want to compromise style over substance and we don’t expect them to. Mosami’s vision is a response to some of the predicted future needs of modern women – style with inbuilt positive social impact, flourishing social connections and an empowered sense of self.

When you worked together with Root, what support were you looking for and what aspects were important to you?

As a premium brand in a very traditional and established marketplace that habitually over-packages, Mosami’s packaging design brief presented some contradictions and challenges. In order to meet customer expectations of a premium jewellery brand we clearly needed to meet certain ‘quality’ benchmarks, but at the same time wanted the solution to manifest our ethical values and innovative positioning. The solution needed to convey responsible luxury alongside Mosami’s brand values. Adding to the challenge was our requirement to keep total costs per unit under £2 at launch with scope to reduce as volumes increased.

Root Innnovation Mosami Jewellery

What stages of the project with Root were particularly valuable?

After a thorough review of the industry packaging language and careful consideration of costs carried out for us by Root, we chose to develop a small bespoke premium gift bag made from FSC accredited 300gsm paper and printed with our logo. This solution allowed design flexibility without unmanageable set-up costs and minimum order quantities. The bags are manufactured in Europe so we were able to spec the material with confidence, vs boxes which are generally made in the Far East where materials are less controllable.
The jewellery piece is mounted on an embossed display card and wrapped in branded tissue paper. This approach allowed us to avoid using the traditional and clichéd ‘padded box’ approach whilst maintaining a premium feel without excessive cost.

Now that you have successfully launched this wonderful brand, what are the next steps in your journey?

The bag delivers perfectly against our brief and will continue to be Mosami’s main packaging solution, however we realise that in certain circumstances customers like to have a box. Our next step is to source a choice of display boxes that will be an additional cost at the point of purchase – this is particularly relevant when the piece is a gift.  In this way we can flex the packaging solution to fit the customer’s requirements. In the longer term we aim to allow customers to ‘recycle’ their pieces, meaning that they can exchange old for new. This will require the development of a returns process and packaging solution.
To find out more about the lovely Mosami brand and take a look over their beautiful collections, visit

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